List of Folders

  • The 1950s - Photographs of hospital, school buildings, Dorothy Colquhoun, description of cap, uniform, crest, documents relating to the origins of the school, documents relating to the hiring and early years of Kathleen Moderwell.
  • The 1960s pt. 1 - Miscellaneous graduation materials, other seasonal pamphlets, series of photographs of clinical work and student life and leisure.
  • The 1960s pt. 2 - Brochures and photographs relating to festive activities at the school.
  • 1970-1973 - Documents and photographs relating to the final graduating class of the school, and includes folder entitled “After Transfer to St. Clair” that has documents on the 50th anniversary of the hospital and the demolition of the school building.
  • Graduation Ceremonies & Notes - Includes School of Nursing Announcement 1961-62.
  • Met Set folder - Notes on the Met Set newspaper by K. Moderwell.