Credits & Bibliography


Archival assembly and annotation: Kathleen Moderwell

Archival Project Director: Ron Foster, Vice-President Public Affairs, Communications and Philanthropy, Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor, Ontario

Digitization Project Director: Steven Palmer, Department of History, University of Windsor

Digitization Coordinator: Art Rhyno, Leddy Library, University of Windsor and OurDigitalWorld

Digitization: Nicole Hutchinson and Allison Smyth

The Metropolitan School of Nursing digital archive is funded by the Canada Research Chair in History of International Health, Department of History, University of Windsor

Contact: Steven Palmer, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Windsor,

The original archive is currently (2015) located at Windsor Regional Hospital – Metropolitan Campus, 1995 Lens Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.


For a study of the first Metropolitan School of Nursing, the Canadian Nurses Association demonstration school, see Steven Palmer, "'New Deal for Nursing’: Windsor’s Metropolitan Demonstration School and the Reform of Nursing Education in Canada, 1944-1970," in Julie Fairman, Patricia D’Antonio and Jean Whelan, eds., Routledge Companion to the Global History of Nursing (Routledge, 2013), pp. 131-50.

The archives of the demonstration school, the Metropolitan School of Nursing, 1947-52 are located at Library and Archives Canada, in the Canadian Nurses Association fonds.

For a rich portrait of one of Windsor’s other schools of nursing, see Marty Gervais, People of Faith: The History of Hôtel Dieu Grace Hospital, 1888-2013 (Black Moss Press, 2013).

An overview of the history of medicine and health in the Windsor region can be found in Steven Palmer and Steve Malone, "Border City Medicine: Windsor’s History of Innovative Health Care Practice."