Anti-Smoking Campaign

Grade 11-12 Health – Anti-Smoking Campaign

Evan Howson,  Adam Connel, Paul La Marra, Amy Holgate, and Devon Hogan

Multiliteracy Tool:

Lesson Plan

  • Smoking and its negative effects


  • Anti-smoking promotion for students in grade 11 and 12

Curriculum Expectations

Overall Expectations:

  • By the end of this course students will analyse the role of individual responsibility in enhancing personal health (pg. 14)

Specific Expectations:

  • Analyze how various lifestyle choices (e.g: decisions that pertain to physical activity, nutrition and smoking) affect health (pg. 14)
  • Describe the factors (e.g., healthful eating, abstinence from smoking and alcohol) that contribute to healthy pregnancy and birth (pg. 22)
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the contributions that individuals can make to the health of others (e.g anti smoking campaigns) (pg. 16)

Specific Objectives:


  • To understand one’s own responsibility for their personal health
  • To understand the many different ways in which smoking is harmful to an individual and society at large


  • Students will learn to critically analyze smoking statistics
  • Students will learn to work in a collaborative environment during the group circuit
  • Students will learn how to practically apply basic math to the cost of smoking


  • To develop an educated opinion towards the negative health effects of smoking
  • Students will learn how different bodily systems are affected by smoking
  • Students will learn the different geographical locations that are affected by smoking and how different locations have different smoking policies
  • Students will learn key concepts and terminology related to bodily systems


  • Prezi presentation, Projector, Model of Lungs – one healthy and one affected by long term exposure to smoke, Straws for the entire class, 10 Cigarettes for dissection, 25 Copies of crosswords for groups to complete, 25 Copies of the Anticipation Guide for each student to complete and hand in, Readied facts and figures for students to calculate the cost of smoking, 10 tweezers for dissecting cigarettes, 30 pairs of latex gloves for dissecting cigarettes, 10 calculators for calculating the cost of smoking cigarettes.

Introductory Activity (hook) 5 minutes

Anticipation Guide:

  • Have each student independently answer the before study statements provided based on their prior knowledge about smoking myths and facts.

Developmental Strategies 10 minutes

Prezi Presentation:

Group Activity 40 minutes (5 minutes at each station [25 minutes total], 10 minute debrief at the end, 5 minutes for transition time)  

  • Students will be in groups of 4-6. Each group will participate in all 5 stations and complete the appropriate questions provided on a handout.


  1. Healthy lung unhealthy lung model – Students will get to observe as well as physically manipulate a healthy and unhealthy human lung (models). Students will be encouraged to discuss with group members the differences between the two; colour, size, texture etc.
  2. Breathing through a straw – Students will reflect upon the difficulties of breathing when you have been smoking for a substantial amount of time
  3. Dissecting a cigarette – Students will get the opportunity to visualize the contents of a cigarette.
  4. Calculate how much it costs to smoke for 20 years – Each group will be provided some key facts and figures: how much does a pack of cigarettes cost? How many packs does an average person smoke each day? Each week? Group members will be encourage to critically think about the future – What would happen if the cost of cigarettes was eventually doubled? What would happen if the cost of a pack of cigarettes was only 5$? How would this affect the Canadian economy?
  5. Groups will work together to complete a Word Search on “Anti-Smoking”. An answer key will be provided if the groups are having a difficult time finding terms.

Concluding Activity 15 minutes (5 minutes for revisited anticipation guide, 10 for a debrief of entire lesson)

Anticipation Guide (revisited)

  • Have each student independently answer the after study statements provided based on the knowledge gained during the lesson about smoking myths and facts.
  • Debrief about the lesson as a whole

Methods of Evaluation

  • Students will hand in the Anticipation Guide for marks towards thinking and inquiry as well as application.
  • Groups will also be evaluated on participation. Are all members participating in the activities? What is the level of discussion happening between members?
  • Groups will hand in a question page associated with the activity stations. All group member names should be listed – students will be evaluated on level of completion of answers.

Follow up Ideas

  • Follow up lesson or ideas could include students creating their own PSA (public service announcement). In small groups or individually students would create a poster, short video, or short presentation on an anti-smoking campaign .


  • To be completed at the end of the lesson

Student Handouts/Activities

Multiliteracies Student Handout
Multiliteracies – Word Search Handout
Multiliteracies – Anticipation Guide Handout

Praxis Paper

The goal of our multiliteracies project was to create a pedagogical resource tool that can be used by educators in the content area of Health and Physical Education. Our tool is a comprehensive anti- smoking public service announcement that includes multiple anti-smoking topics such as; health affects, economic factors, laws, and costs.  In the 21st century teenagers will read and write more than at any time in human history which means that multiliteracy and multiliteracy tools will be essential to their success throughout school and within their daily lives. Adolescent literacy is often something that is generally looked over by educators, as such, our lesson plan we will be utilizing certain tactics like direct, explicit instruction, motivation, self-directed learning as well as a technology component to ensure that adolescent literacy is prioritized. Learning in a multimodal environment is something that students will be exposed to in the coming years. Our lesson plan as well as our multiliteracies tool creates a multimodal environment which is intended to scaffold students learning experiences and harness their critical thinking skills.

Our lesson plan starts with an anticipation guide which is to be completed at the beginning of the lesson and then revisited at the end of the lesson. The purpose of this anticipation guide is to prep students to think about important questions and then learn about  and critically think about the correct answers to these questions throughout the remainder of the lesson. At the end of the lesson the students are asked to revisit the anticipation guide and see which of their answers changed. The teacher than starts a guided discussion that is intended to activate and stimulate thought on the topic of anti-smoking. Our lesson plan also includes a circuit with different stations that all students will rotate through. The stations will feature different types of anti-smoking activities that will empower students to participate in active learning throughout the circuit.

Our lesson plan as well as our multiliteracy tool was designed to accommodate English Learners (EL’s). First off our multiliteracy tool includes a wide range of videos, pictures, diagrams and words which may make it easier for an English learner to comprehend the topic being taught. The use of videos, photos, sounds and diagrams allows the English learner to make connections to the topic that they may not have been able to if they simply read the information from a textbook. Our lesson plan also includes hands on group activities that may also contribute to the English Learners learning experience. Group activities and hands on experience allow English Learner to make connections to the topic that they may not have been able to make otherwise.

In summary our multiliteracy tool and lesson plan creates a multimodal learning environment that fosters adolescent literacy development as well as creates an inclusive learning environment for all involved.

Multiliteracies Project (Final Submission)

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