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Service Record of Jack Philip Sargent Calder, J4695, 1915 - 1944

·      Received his wings as Sergeant-Pilot, Pilot-Officer in RCAF Jan. 20, 1941

·      April 28, 1941 arrived in UK, probably a port in Scotland

·      Met King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret Rose, had tea with Royal Family

·      4 months as navigator/bomb aimer on Wellington T2506 C-Charlie, with pilot Bob Keefer, squadron 103; flew missions to shipping and inland targets; eg. Mission to bomb Gneisenau

·      Oct. 24, 1941, plane crashed in Eire; Calder parachuted to a bog, was arrested by Guards

·      Spent 20 months in Curragh Prison as a POW (met Ann Mitchell)

·      July 8, 1943 escaped to UK

·      Retrained to fly Mosquitos, ticketed as a wireless operator and aerial photographer

·      Aug. 9, 1943 Pilot crashed into hill in Northern England, two crew members died; Calder rescued by a nurse and her boyfriend

·      Aug. 13, 1943 Calder moved to East Grinstead Queen Victoria Hospital for multiple surgeries

·      Mar. 1, 1944 Calder promoted to No. 8 Group, Pathfinder unit at Oakington, Mossie 571 light bomber

·      Accomplished numerous strikes on military targets

·      20-21 July, 1944 Mission to Hamburg, Calder shot in both legs, baled out, drowned in Elbe Estuary, North Sea, near Brunsbüttel

·      Body found washed ashore 6 weeks later by German fishing boat

·      1949 Re-interred permanently in British Military Cemetery in Kiel


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