Project team

Patricia Calder  is an author and photographer. She has published a novel, Roadblock (2015), as well as several articles and stories in newspapers (e.g. the Globe & Mail) and anthologies. One article, “Stand Down, Soldier,” went viral during the war in Afghanistan. She has a novel-in-progress based on her grandmother's scrapbook called I Flew into Trouble. Her taped interviews can be found online. In an earlier career she taught English for 30 years.

Heidi LM Jacobs is a librarian at the University of Windsor’s Leddy Library. She was one of the researchers behind award-winning digital historical projects such as Breaking the Colour Barrier: Breaking the Colour Barrier: Wilfred "Boomer" Harding & the Chatham Coloured All-Stars, The North Was Our Canaan: Exploring Sandwich Town’s Underground Railroad History, and We Were Here: Documenting Windsor’s McDougall Street Corridor. She is also the author of 1934: The Chatham Coloured All-Stars’ Barrier-Breaking Year, 100 Miles of Baseball: 50 Games, One Summer, and Molly of the Mall: Literary Lass and Purveyor of Fine Footwear, which won the 2020 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.  

Original fictional text was written by Patricia Calder. At the University of Windsor's Leddy Library, archival consultation and support came from Sarah Glassford, image editing and metadata creation from Christina Olsen, and Omeka design and support from Edyta Saklak.

Patricia Calder would like to acknowledge assistance in the fiction writing from partners in her critique groups: Kathryn MacDonald, Tom Pickering, and Al Seymour.

Heidi Jacobs would like to thank Edyta Saklak for her excellent work and to acknowledge the assistance of Selinda Berg,  Roger Reka, Art Rhyno, Jennifer Soutter, Peter Zimmerman in the development of this site. 

A note about the scanned images: given the fragile nature of the scrapbook it was scanned offsite by Patricia Calder using an overhead scanner. Remembrance Day quarters were used to weigh down fragile pages and these quarters can still be seen in many of the scans. 

Update: since our digitization of Agnes Calder's scrapbook, it has subsequently been donated by Patricia Calder to the Canadian War Museum for its archival collection. 



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