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Spatial Coverage is exactly Windsor, Ontario
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  • We Were Here: Documenting Windsor's McDougall Street Corridor

    Welcome to the McDougall Street Corridor in downtown Windsor, Ontario. Though only a few traces of this once vibrant, bustling Black neighbourhood remain, the community’s legacy remains strong. The story of the McDougall Street Corridor showcases this city’s rich Black history but also demonstrates the devastating impacts of city planning and urban renewal efforts on a historic neighbourhood. We Were Here offers a collection of essays, images, maps, artifacts, and documents that depict this community, and invites you to learn more about a vital chapter in Canadian history. The We Were Here: Recovering the Stories of Windsor's McDougall Street Corridor digital exhibit is a collaboration between the Essex County Black Historical Research Society, the University of Windsor’s Leddy Library, their Archives and Special Collections and their Centre for Digital Scholarship.
  • Windsor: Ontario's Gretna Green

    From about 1885-1913, Windsor and neighbouring Sandwich became a haven for couples from the United States looking for quick and discreet weddings. They came by ferry from Detroit and places further afield, e.g. Toledo and Cleveland, purchased a license, were directed to the clergyman of their choice, who then married them in short order, with few questions asked. Windsor and Essex County became known as Ontario’s Gretna Green.
  • Assumption College: Through the Decades

    Assumption College: Through the Decades tells Assumption’s long and storied history from its inception in 1857 to its incorporation into the University of Windsor in 1963.
  • City of Music

    Inspired by Canada’s 150th and Windsor’s 125th birthday, the City of Music project tells the stories of musical communities in the area, examining their roots, impact, and current involvement in the community.
  • The North Was Our Canaan: Exploring Sandwich Town's Underground Railroad History

    The North Was Our Canaan takes us along the banks of the Detroit River, through the streets of Sandwich, to end up at Sandwich First Baptist Church, a congregation whose roots extend back to the 1820s.
  • WeDigHistory

    In this Canada150 project, Windsor-Essex's rich and complex history will be explored through images – photographic and geophysical – collected with and through our communities, and then curated and displayed on UWindsor’s Digital History Project website.
  • Metropolitan School of Nursing Archive

    These archival "scrapbooks" render the life of the Metropolitan School of Nursing from its founding in 1954 until the transition that saw all hospital-based Ontario nursing education moved to the community colleges in the early 1970s.