Research Guide

Name/Work Index

The Name/Work Index (NWI) applies subject headings to identify significant works, published authors, and historic figures discussed in the archive. There are two types of NWI headings: name headings are used to identify individuals and corporate entities. Works are identified using name/title headings.


Tags are a less formal method of identifying subject matter. Here, tags are used to identify Chekhov's key concepts and to provide a alternative access points to works and people. Authors and historic figures (treated more formally in the NWI) are tagged using only their last name. Likewise, works discussed are tagged with a shortened form of the title.

Members of Chekhov's studio are identified where possible by their full name in natural order. In cases where a studio member is referred to only by first name and it has not been possible to identify the person further, only the first name is used as a tag.

Time Series

Researchers interested in browsing the archive in chronological order can follow the Time Series subcollections, which maintain the same file order that Deirdre Hurst du Prey orginally ued to organize the collection.

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